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Bespoke Escorted Cornwall Tours

Bespoke Guided Tour To Ancient Sites & Ley Lines Cornwall

We also offer bespoke guided tours to ancient sites and spiritual places in Cornwall and Dartmoor as well as several megalithic sites in Britain (South West UK) in the English or Dutch language.

What to do in Cornwall if you love ley lines, megalithic stone circles, arthurian sites or other pagan sites?  Well, you could visit:

Cliffs, rocks, sea, beach

Carn-les-Boels and Nanjizal (Michael & Mary lines)
St Michael Mount (Michael and Mary plus Ápollo and Athena lines)
Holywell Bay
Zennor Head (Athena line)
Gurnars Head (Apolloa line)

Cave, fougou's

Holywell Bay, cave and well
Merlin's Cave, Tintagel
Carn Euny ancient settlement

Stone Circles

Men An Tol holed stone (Apollo line)
Merry Maidens stone circle
Boscawen'Un stone circle
Tregeseal stone circle

Quoits and ancient monumentsCarn Kenidjack - the Hooting Cairn - Penwith, Cornwall

Lanyon Quoit (Apollo line)
Chûn Quoit
Ballowal barrow
Zennor Quoit (Athena line)

Ancient Well & Spring

Madron's well and Celtic chapel remains (Apollo line)
Alsia well
Athena's well on ancient Trencrom hill (Athena line)

Hillfort & ancient settlement

Trencrom hill
Chûn castle
Carn Euny ancient settlement
Chysauster ancient settlement


Gunwalloe church (crossing of Apollo and Athena earth energy lines)
Ludgvan (Athena line)
Towednack church (Athena line)
Madron church (Apollo line)

Have a go at dowsing!

Dowsing earth energies in Avebury

During our retreats UK and Arrange a Bespoke Guided Tour of Penwith Cornwall we visit special places in the land and focus on offering our participants a glimpse of the sacredness and interconnectedness of all things and how ancient mindset can help reveal and inspire healing of the loss of that spiritual vision. In our tours we use the dowsing rods to make visible how Consciousness or Spirit (of the land, a place, an earth energy line etc) is interacting with us and how it responds to our communication with it. The dowsing is mainly done by the organisers to locate and mark the manifestations of  the above mentioned. However should you want to have a go and see and feel the rods move for yourselves, then with some basic instruction of how to hold the rod and what to focus on, you can try it yourselves. We have some spare copper dowsing rods that can be used during the tour.

We do not offer a dowsing for beginners course during our tours. If you are looking for a dowsing course, see the British Society of Dowser's website.