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Walking the Beauty Way

The beauty way is all about creating and experiencing beauty, love and new adventures.

During our Magical Guided Tours and other events, we use a variety of Magical and Shamanic Techniques and work intentionally with the Earth Energies and Spirit of Place. With our heads in the clouds and our feet firmly grounded, we follow our Soul's path.

The articles and inspiration offered in this category will give you an idea about the techniques we are using and have been integrating in our lives for the last decades. The stories about our experiences will give you a glimpse of the way we live our lives and lead our activities. We are delighted to share our insights and stories here - as a portal for you to connect with the Beauty Way.

Step into Sovereignity with Lughnasadh

Did you notice? It is easy to miss in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but in nature there is a fairly marked transition from the vibrant energy of the Midsummer season to the ripening warmth during the period leading up to the first harvest festival, Lughnasadh.The most phenomenal change first noticeable comes to us through our ears. From one day to the next, the volume and composition of the morning chorus of birds has changed dramatically. Also during the day other bird species predominate than before, such as kaa-ing crows and twittering skylarks. The swallows are now almost all gone, except for those who are still nesting. The curious blackbird starts testing the ripeness of the rowan berries. The robins have exchanged their summer song for their autumn tune. All in all it has become a lot quieter in the garden. It is as if Nature has put the birdsong into the background and instead filled the sky with the visual spectacle of different kinds of dancing butterflies and buzzing insects. And strands. Strands of spider’s webs! Diligent spiders leave their artful webs just about everywhere, catching dew drops and reflecting the morning sun

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Magpie Magic

Magpie Magic - blog by NathaschaAll wrapped up in a fleece hooded tartan cape I carefully perched on the seat of our picnic table situated in an elevated part of the garden. A cold north-western wind imbued the air with a chilly bite. But no longer than a couple of minutes after I sat down and re-arranged the garment to keep as warm as possible, the sun came out and beamed her glorious smile all across my face. Repositioning my body, aiming to get as much sun as possible, I realised how much I had missed sunlight in the past 4 days. I've been stuck inside because I couldn't go very far. My lower back aches since I made one bow too many down to the lowest freezer tray! I sensed a dislocation of whatever in the lower spine and ever since that unfortunate movement I have been rotating periods of sitting, standing and lying down in order to relax those muscles involved in supporting the spine so a natural healing can take place. The body knows what to do and it shouldn't be too long before this discomfort too is a misty memory.

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Soul Mirror

Soul Mirror by Nathascha HeijenFor an hour I stood in the dark that preludes the dawn. The stars were out and played hide and seek beyond invisible clouds. A cyclical call of the owl in a tree nearby let me know I was not the only one awake at this silent time. Carefully I walked up the grassy track, not being able to see were I was stepping but knowing the path well. The open spot offered a theatrical view to the night sky and a slight change in colour on the horizon. A caressing puff of air parading past bare branches and the soft lining of my woolly hat.

In the East, the sound of a grand gathering of crows decorated the black silence with signs of perceiving minds. The owl and the crows each focussing on different things. The owl might be aware of me, the crows not yet. I know they will soon pass overhead after their meeting closes.

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11-11-11: Sacred Groves & Bridges of Light

Whistman's Wood - DartmoorAlthough we had an event planned in the evening, outside around a big fire with old and new friends, I also wanted to pay  some extra attention to the 11.11am time. So in the morning I thought about what I could do to celebrate that specific moment in time. I wanted to go outside, that was for sure, because the November sun was shining brightly. Perhaps I could meditate or perform a symbolic act maybe. While pondering the options I stood at the diner table and my eyes were attracted to a plastic bag with brownish things in it. Ah, yes! Those were the oak acorns that I had taken with me on the last Guided Tour to Dartmoor. Previous to that trip I had gathered the acorns from the ground underneath the oak trees here in the park opposite my former Dutch home, thinking they would fit nicely into a ritual in Whistman's Wood, the last remaining oak forest near Twobridges, Dartmoor. It is known as the 'Woods of the Wise Men' and through many legends connected with the Druids of ancient times. I thought it might be a lovely idea for our guests and us to plant some acorns there as an act to sustain the oak grove and honour the druid way. But for some reason this idea of planting the acorns didn't cross my mind while we wandered through the twisted oak wood. So these acorns had found their way back home with me, secretly hiding in my luggage and only to be found afterwards while unpacking.

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Spirit of the Chalice Well helps her sheep

Spirit of the Chalice WellFrom Nathascha's travel diaries

"On the last day of our stay at the Chalice Well lodge, still engulfed in the dark cloack of the early morning, I dwelled in the Chalice Well gardens and rather than going to my personal favourite spot in the gardens, I asked the Spirit of Place how I may serve.

The path it showed me led up to well head and beyond, to the Cress field. I could see sheep grazing. All, but one.

That particular sheep stood still on all fours, one leg slightly bend. Immediately I sensed something was wrong. It couldn't move!

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Eagle Spirit Whispers

A gift from Eagle : wooden Eagle FeatherSpirit Walk surrounded by Eagle magic!

Some of you might know that I was working with Eagle medicine in the past week. Well, I couldn't believe my eyes when we arrived at the spot high up in the local moors where we gathered for the “your body speaks” experiment. To our delight and excitement, we discovered what was awaiting us there.

A giant totem pole carved out from a tree trunk and with one huge wooden eagle sitting on a branch! (who was looking straight at the full moon)

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