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Building the future

Building the Future

In these turbulent times of radical changes, we experience a transition of "Power" to "Ethics" as a dominant principle, Celtic Inspiration would like to be your shining beacon of light, love, peace and inner strength. Our goal is to lovingly assist you with the process of evolution of consciousness that all life on Earth is currently undergoing. The times in which we live is exciting and crucial: it is our common challenge of becoming aware that we are co-creators! During the next few years, we will create more quickly that which we pay attention to. What we think, what we talk about, what we fear but also what we are joyful about will be manifested almost immediately. Consciously choose what you want to pay attention to!

We provide practical and clear information and techniques through which you can learn to find inner peace, love, passion, hope and confidence which you can then integrate into your daily life. Our flexible approach offers you a "union of heaven and earth" within you! It is time to re-connect with your inner Source and experience the power that you have over your life. Do not hesitate, step into your power now and help in building a joyful future.

We contribute to healing and awareness by upholding the transformative power of Love & Light and share our experiences with others.We also develop practical tools that can enrich your life. We use that which has helped us to find the way back to our true Self : Nature in all its wisdom - and the rich inner teachings of magical thinking and ancient shamanic systems such as the Polynesian Huna. We mereley remind you of what you really are: a powerful co-creator walking the Earth.

Through our experiences so far, we know the pitfalls, obstacles and subconscious traps that you may encounter. We share these experiences with you on our website, in our activities (and in our soon to be published books). Practical information and specific exercises assist you in transforming any obstacle into valuable insights.

Life is one big adventure where you constantly come closer to the truth : we are facets of one single diamond!