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About this website

Winter Solstice find in Avebury, UKImages

All photos on this website have been taken by Celtic Inspiration - unless otherwise stated (in the tooltip). These pictures are not only embellishment for the web pages but also create a certain mood or evoke a feeling. We have therefore taken great care in selecting pictures, and how and on which page they are displayed, so they fit the topic of the text or the section that you read and contribute to your experience of this moment.

Many photos were taken during our Magical Tours / Sacred Journeys and other activities, which gives them a special or exciting appearance. Other photos are images of the magical moments in simple everyday life. By bringing the beauty of something as simple as a fine layer of morning frost on winter grass blades, or the bold green spring shoot underneath old leaves, we aim at raising awareness. We hope that your heart will feel rejuvenated in seeing and experiencing the magic of everyday life.

There is beauty to be found wherever you look but especially when you look. How often do you pay attention to these little things? One of the themes in our Magical Tours and Workshops is about the universal principle of creation of Focus: "Energy follows your attention".This principle states that whatever you give attention to, you feed and it will grow until it becomes a manifested reality in your life. Does your focus lie with the small wonders of every day magic? Then you will create more of them in your life. The pictures on our website contribute to this .. selected and offered with love!


The texts of this website are also written by Celtic Inspiration - unless otherwise stated. Like the photos, these articles are taken from our many adventures and our everyday lives. We love to inspire you with our stories and experiences, because when we highlight both sides - the heavenly and earthly "normal" part of our lives - we hope to get you excited about the possibilities of your life. For the way we experience life, you can experience your life too! It is not luck or coincidence, it is a choice. And this comes from another creative principle, Freedom or  "there are no limits". There really are no limits to what you want to create for yourself in your reality. None, except the limits you impose on yourself.

If we would publish only our most wonderful and magical stories on our website, then your subconscious mind could suggest that this can only happen to special people. It is therefore, that we also share our problems and the solutions. Because that makes us human, plain and simple. And herein lies the strength: it makes it accessible for you too.