Celtic Inspiration - Trusted Sacred Tour Operator since 2004

About our activities

Celtic Inspiration offer events that are an inspiring mix of ceremony, landscape, natural cycles, magical thinking, shamanic drumming and ancient traditions to celebrate the spiritual connection we all have with Earth and Nature.


The philosophy of Celtic Inspiration assumes the interconnectedness of all life: we are all a part of the great web of creation. This is the starting point of our activities.

Celebrating the natural cycles

Celtic Inspiration celebrates the eight seasonal festivals.This allows us to align ourselves to the natural cycles and it helps us to structure our lives over the years. In addition, it gives a sense of community with all living beings.

Health & Healing

With a combination of metaphysical and physical healing methods Celtic Inspiration promotes health and inner balance in a holistic manner.

Rituals & ceremonies

Life is seen as a journey. The important transition phases in the life of one (wo)man, one group of people, or the Earth, are being honoured through ritual or ceremony. Like the blessing of children or animals, contracts, farewells, new starts and initiation periods.

Travel & inner worlds

Celtic Inspiration uses real travel and shamanic journeys & techniques to explore other states of consciousness and other realities.

Developing potential

We encourage a path of self-development, the expansion of creative potential and we encourage intuitive skills. This stimulates the intelligence and spiritual growth of an individual.


By teaching the principles of creation, we help to unravel the process that manifests ideas. Magic is the 'Art of Change': discover, nurture and learn how the power of spiritual inspiration can be used to change your life.