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Apollo and Athena Tour - by Sarah Hoskin Clymer

Cornwall is both my ancestral and my spiritual home and I come here to walk the sacred paths, experience the ancient stones and holy wells, and engage with the Cornish cultures, people and land.  

Over the past year, Nathascha and I had connected on Facebook through our mutual connection to Cornwall, ancient sites, ley lines and sacred paths.  We had been liking and responding to each other's posts over several months when I saw that she was co-leading a group with Ba Miller to experience the Athena-Apollo Lines in western Cornwall on what was scheduled to be my first full day in Cornwall this past summer.  Perfect timing!

After meeting in the town of Penzance, we drove out to the western end of Cornwall and to walk down to the Zennor Head where the Athena line enters into Cornwall.  I felt myself "land" in the ancient world of Cornwall as I smelled the sea air, walked through the heather, saw Gurnard's Head to the south of us where the Apollo Line enters into Cornwall, and sat at the very spot where the Athena Line enters Cornwall.  The portal in the stone behind me felt like the eye of a needle that created a focused target for her energy to concentrate and intensify as it entered Cornwall from Ireland and across the vast open sea.

At each of the three sites that we visited that day -- Zennor Head (Athena Line), Madron Well (Apollo Line), and St Michael's Mount (Athena and Apollo Lines as well as the Mary and Michael Lines too), Ba dowsed each of the lines to demonstrate where and how it flowed, and Nathascha led us through a inner meditation so that we could connect in with the energies of each site and each energy line within our own bodies, have our own experience and learn how to feel the energies.

I experienced the Athena energy as fresh and cleansing.  It smelled like fresh laundry that had been dried in the breeze.  Nathascha pointed out that the energy is fresh off the sea, having just come through the large distance of sea between Cornwall and Ireland.  I felt happy in her presence, grounded, centered.  When I called the energy up inside of me, I opened and softened and allowed the energy to come up inside of me.  The energy filled my belly, and I could feel the energy gently moving within me - like a soft breeze.

We then drove to Madron Well and Chapel, and as we walked back to them along a narrow path, we offered bits of delicious date that Natascha had brought for us to offer to the faerie energies along the way.  

We each got to dowse the Apollo energy that moves through Madron Chapel, coming in on the southeast corner.  The chapel is held by a beautiful old tree who looks like she has been there for a long time.  The chapel and springs within it were known for healing eyes, and visual issues.  This energy was more difficult for me to feel.  What I did become aware of is that Apollo asked me to get to know him, and that he wants to serve and facilitate the sacred, inner marriage within me.

From Madron, we drove down to Marazion where we caught a little boat over to St. Michael's Mount.  We walked up the "Pilgrim's Step", a very cobbled path way up to the west side of the Mount, to get as close as we could to the point where all four lines - Apollo, Athena, Michael and Mary - converge in a single spot on the Mount.  Again, Natascha offered us a meditation.

My experience was quite expansive and altering.  I heard Nathascha say "sacred union" and "Sacred human" - not always sure which was which, but I knew upon hearing it that there was a message for me:  As we each invite, embrace and embody the sacred, inner marriage within each of us, we become the "Sacred Human".  This is the key to opening up and allowing our sacredness to come forth, to be an integrated and embodied aspect of who we each are.

I loved my day with Nathascha and Ba and getting to experience these energy lines with them.  I so appreciated being given the opportunity to connect with my own inner experience and response to the energies at each site. Even better, what started out as a cloudy day cleared into a sunny and bright afternoon, and as we stood just above the point where all four lines converged on St Michael's Mount, I marveled as I looked west over the bay to Penwith and north up to Trencom Hill, knowing that I would continue my personal journey on the paths of western Cornwall over the following week.  

Looking back, I now realize that I felt even more aware of the ancient and Madron Baptistry Cornwalltimeless energies of this land as I walked, and experienced an even deeper sense of belonging to the sacred energies of the land.

Thank you, Nathascha and Ba, for a truly wonderful, wonderful day and experience.

Much love to you both,

Sarah Hoskin Clymer