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About Celtic Inspiration

Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, UKCeltic Inspiration is created with the intent to inspire people to take on their natural power as co-creators and to work alongside with our living Earth in conscious creation. This way we all contribute to the global expansion of LOVE that literally transforms everything.

The name we chose - Celtic Inspiration - refers to both our Celtic ancestors and the inspiration that I got out of their way of living and working with the Earth. The symbolism of Celtic Inspiration represents the combined forces of Heaven (Inspiration) and Earth (Celtic).

We also support the characteristics of Celtic spirituality: awareness of the presence of "God" in all life, hospitality, a deep awareness of travel (both inner and outer journeys) and pilgrimage, the Celtic tradition of having a soul friend or Anam Cara, periods of silence and solitude, inspiration/prayers and a spirituality rooted in Nature, the elements and the seasons.

At the heart of Celtic Inspiration is also the Glastonbury Tor. The magic of Avalon was the beginning of my journey, back in 2004. Interwoven throughout the years it played a significant role in my life and in the lives of the people who were accompanied to the top of the Tor in order to connect with this wonderful place of heartfelt love and true magic. The majestic Glastonbury Tor to me is like a beacon that reminds us to connect with the beauty and magic of the Earth and with the love and creative powers of Heaven. Or in other words with the Goddess and God inside.

During our Magical Guided Tours you will be given inspirational tools, stories and insights that enable you to consciously connect with the living Earth and thus the love and joy that can be experienced from remembering our spiritual connection to the Earth. It opens your heart. And out of an awakened heart love can pour out into to the world around you. This way YOU are an important link in the web of life. Because if your vibrational level is increased by love, then automatically the vibration of your environment and all living creatures in it will be transformed too. Love IS the highest vibration and its transforming power is unmatched! Love takes every lower vibration and transforms it into a higher level of vibration. You are the guardian of the reality of that part of the Earth where you live. Dare to dream the most beautiful dream you can think of and it will transform everything!

In our inspirations we offer you a simple and universal system based on ancient knowledge and traditions that will inspire you to investigate your own creative power and start working with it. You are a creator and all of your reality is created by yourself. Most of this is created by your subconscious mind. We help you to discover how your creative power works and what you can do to manifest deliberate creation.

But there is more, the Earth is also a living consciousness, and She also creates. Actually she is a Master Creator! It is important to our shared future that we learn how we can co-create with Her.

When you are inspired to take on your true power as co-creator, you become a spreader of Love in the physical place where you live. Your love touches everything and transforms the Whole.

We welcome you in this global community of kindred souls and bless you for taking on your true power and becoming a distributor of Love.

We also welcome your feedback or ideas.