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Spirit Walks are escorted mindful walks by Celtic Inspiration

Spirit Walks

Magical guided walks under the full moon or at new moon with seasonal or astrological themes tying it into an opportunity for spiritual growth, gaining a new perspective on ones life at that particular moment.

Each individual 'Spirit Walk' is uniquely designed to compliment the astrological influences determined by the moon's position and phase. Most of the Spirit Walks take place in the evening but occasionally they might be executed during daytime. All walks are held in nature for a duration of approx 1,5 - 2  hours. During this mindful walk, we will make use of natural and man-made features in the landscape to create meaningful ritual and to connect to a specific theme. By taking advantage of the subtle cosmic influences from the planets on earth and its grid, you will experience a sense of deep peace through reconnection with the natural cycles and feel nurtured by inner and outer inspiration.

A Spirit Walk may contain: a short meaningful personal or group ceremony, a blessing, a visit to a sacred site, a drum healing, a meditation, storytelling, a spiritual exercise/practice and humour.

SPIRIT WALKS Spirit Walk in St Nectan's glen

Examples of past Spirit Walks

New Moon in Leo (Fire sign)
Theme: Shining brightly, stepping into full power, co-creating your life

Full Moon in Aquarius (Air sign) plus Lunar Lughnasadh (Lammas)
Theme: Harvesting insights, sharing abundance, open to inspired change

Full Moon in Void of Course from Pisces to Aries
Theme:  End of a cycle, letting go and dreaming in the new

Full Moon in Aries (Fire sign) plus Lunar Eclipse
Theme: Centering, dedication & preparing for the lunar eclipse energies of October 8th

New Moon in Void of Course from Libra to Scorpio plus Solar Eclipse plus Lunar Samhain.
Theme: Coming full circle, releasing fear, honouring all aspects of SelfSpirit Walk to Madron Well

New Moon in Saggitarius (Fire sign)
Theme: Spiritual adventure, a new vision, Phoenix rising

Full Moon in Gemini (Air sign)
Theme: New cycle, re-connecting

Fee: £ 4 per person/per walk.

You need to have an average level of fitness: we try to keep walks relatively easy but some paths might be a bit more strenuous than others.

What to bring: waterproof walking shoes, rain gear, your own water bottle and an open mind. Please no dogs (occasionally there might be stiles, uneven/sharp ground or steep climbs/drops).

Are you interested to arrange a Spirit Walk for your local group in the Dartmoor area? Contact us.