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Workshop Connecting to the Wild Heart of Trees by Celtic Inspiration

Into Wild heart of Trees Workshop

1-day Workshop Wild Heart of Trees


This workshop gives participants the opportunity to experience the Soul Bond between humans and trees and to work with the subtle energies of trees in an intuitive manner. Find out new ways to Be with these Ancient and Wise Beings and learn how you can connect to their Wild Heart using two different techniques and experiences. Trees have been here for far longer than humans and when you travel deep into the soul of the Trees, you will understand how they enhance your day-to-day experience of life. Are you prepared to engage in a deep re-connection with Trees? Do you wish to listen to what they have to share? Then you might like this wonderful shamanic workshop.

We will work with the trees of the beautiful gardens from the venue, ‘Treviscoe’, on the slopes of Trencrom hill. These trees have been loved and looked after by Hamish and Ba Miller who have planted these trees many years ago. There are different species to be found here, ranging from the old ones to the younger barks, all waiting to be discovered in many different locations throughout the gardens. And each tree has a story to tell!

After an introduction in the morning we shall start with an opening ceremony on The Seed stone circle in order to invite the elements of nature and the Spirit of Trees to come join us and be our wise teachers for the day. At the end of the workshop we will honour and thanks to the energies involved on our shared day. The rest of the day you will learn two different techniques to connect with the trees in a way that will reshape your view on trees and life in general. Words can never explain what this day will bring. Just join us - and prepare to be amazed!

Nathascha has been running magical tours, nature based- and metaphysical courses and workshops since 2004. She loves to share with you the modern and ancient techniques that have inspired them and that have deepened their awareness of intuitive communication. Many students enrolled over the years who have started or deepened their own work in the field of animal or nature communication.

They aim to provide you with an exciting new adventure concerning the exploration into Oneness with Nature. During the day you will experience intuitive contact with Trees in a deeply touching way. You may also experience profound healing and valuable insights from your Tree mentor. Everyone has a direct connection with Nature whether you are aware of it or not. This fun workshop will help you to become more aware of this connection. It brings back the magic of your wild heart!

  • Min. of 6 participants
  • Morning (10am - 12.30pm) and afternoon (2pm - 4.30pm)
  • Bring your own refreshments and lunch (weather permitting we could have an informal picnic in the beautiful garden or on Trencrom hill)
  • We shall be out and about in nature. Please bring warm clothing or a blanket – and rain gear (although we hope we will not need it)

Workshop fee is £40 per person, couples £70, children 12 – 18 yrs for free.


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Applicants can send their name, address and contact phone and/or email address to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We need your details in order to be able to contact you in case the workshop would have to be cancelled or re-scheduled. Once your application has been received, we will be in touch with instructions, directions etc